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Beautiful Mess.

Released: December 6, 2022

Beautiful Mess is a Christmas ballad that takes the story of Jesus full circle. But more than Christmas, the song transcends seasons, with a message relevant all year round. The world culture emphasizes on gift giving during Christmas to a point where we become most materialistic. This song talks about the greatest gift ever given - amazing grace coming in the package of tattered flesh, woven in Blood divine - a Beautiful Mess, in the hope that we will not shortchange the reason for the season.

Joining Mary in this track is her father on saxophone.


Released: October 18, 2022

The song is called Fly. It is like a serenade to an unborn baby lost natural pregnancy loss. It speaks for a mother, a father and a sibling's longing, imagining the what ifs and could'ves. Set to a waltz, Fly is like a lullaby written for my best friend's unborn baby, someone prayed for, someone promised, yet someone gone too soon. Not the easiest emotions to process, or song to write.

May it permit you to long sincerely, grieve fully, hope undoubtedly, love immensely.

Better Days.

Released: August 11, 2022

This summer song was written to encourage a friend who was going through depression. The verses talk about the ugly side of it, the prechorus talks about seeking help, and the chorus lifts it up to hold on to God's promises and truth: greatest anchors against the waves of depression. The big factor in creating that atmosphere is the reggaeton beat, the kind of beat that gets you to get up and dance. As with the rest of the production, the goal is to bring summer hope into the winter of our souls.


Released: June 14, 2022

Maharlika means Warrior - a slave freed but fights alongside the King in times of battle. This was a term used in Precolonial Philippine history. The song hopes to awaken people, to stop living in the sidelines, to gear up their spirits, to fight alongside our King battles in spiritual realm, living out the victory that has already been won. The song takes on a storytelling form, from the moment the soul awakens upto when it finally declares in the chorus that it has been made a new creation, royal, free and a WARRIOR.

Love Has

The Final Word

Released: April 2022

Love Has The Final Word was birthed out of a storytelling of the passion of Jesus. The song sings about the unimaginable, cringe-worthy imagery without sugarcoating, but it is painted in words and melody beautifully, set up against a backdrop of mellow to a bit grungy production. This brings the emotions to an ebb and flow, as it narrates the drama unfolding, ending in a brief note, symbolizing Love having the Final Word.

Project: Christmas (EP)

Released: December 2021

The Christmas EP is composed of 3 songsThe heart of the EP is to be a wake up call, a "Hey!", to stir a longing in our hearts to seek and dig deeper this season, to go back to who we are celebrating and why. It hopes to take out of the trivialities built around this season, and back to the sacrifice that came with Jesus' birth to His death to His resurrection.

Hallelujah Instead

Released: Released September 2021

“Hallelujah Instead” was written at the beginning of the pandemic as an invitation to untangle from the restlessness and receive His rest in His presence.

Joining her in this song is her father, Ike Ozaraga, on the saxophone.

Hallelujah Instead is a semi-finalist in the Unsigned Only Music Awards in 2022.

The Hour of the Son

Released: April 2021

The song is Alternative Rock/Indie with cinematic flair, with a little Symphonic Rock thrown in.

It is like a call to be ready for battle as we live in the last minutes of the last days. There is a consistent build up, hoping to get you on your feet, pumped up and be on guard, keeping the imagery of battle horses galloping, triple beat mimicking the heart beat. Trumpets & shofars create other melodic runs to beef up the cinematic sound all through out to really engage every heart to wake up.

The Hour of the Son was a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition in 2021.


Released: January 2021

The song is about an invitation to come, not with perfect offerings but with broken, repentant hearts - to be fully known, yet fully forgiven, and fully loved, an invitation that can only be fully given Jesus himself.

This song has received a nomination in the Intercontinental Music Awards and was a semi-finalist in the Unsigned Only Music Awards in 2021.


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